About Us

Active Online Inc.

Active Online Inc. was formed in 2008 to provide automatic, affordable, ultra-secure online cloud backup service to small firms and solo practitioners. We are allied with StorageCraft, Macrium and our other strategic partners to provide enterprise-class backup applications and data centers.

In providing online backup service to small firms and attorneys, we work with our customers to identify the important files that they need to protect and the procedures they should have in place for protecting them. We customize our online backup service settings so that backups run automatically, without requiring human attention to provide continual protection. We set up our services to alert our customers if their backups have been unable to run successfully.


Wells H. Anderson, J.D., CEO and president of Active Online Inc., has over 40 years of experience with computer technology and over 30 years applying technology to the practice of law as a practicing attorney and as an independent consultant to attorneys and law offices.

Our Team

Our team is devoted to identifying the individual needs of our customers and their orgaizations. We are readily available via phone, email and screen-sharing.
Call us at: 1.952.922.1120


Based on our extensive screening process, testing and use of our partners' technologies in our own operations, we have forged strong relationships with leaders in their areas of specialization: