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Secure Cloud Backup and Anti-Ransomware Designed for Small Firms

SecureMyFirm Could your small firm survive a disaster? What if:

     Your main hard drive crashed and your backup was bad?
     Thieves broke into your office and stole all computers and backup drives?
     Fire broke out and your office was hosed down or worse, burned up?
     Storm or other serious incident caused your building to be blocked off for weeks?
Without your valuable files and programs, how could your run your practice or business?

Finding Your Ideal Backup Systems

Consider these essential factors:

You do not need problems typical of traditional backup systems:

Our Ultra-Secure, Affordable Backup Systems

We will protect you. Our backup systems are built on 40 years of experience and years of extensive research and development. 


We deliver the highest quality, most secure online cloud backup and onsite services at our SecureMyFirm website:

Too many small firms have sad stories to tell about traditional backups that failed. We believe that only a cloud backup system, together with separate, redundant offsite backups, can provide the essential levels of protection.

Full Hard Drive Image Backup

To get back up and running quickly and inexpensively, you need to protect more than your critical client files, financial records, databases and other information. You need to be able to restore your entire hard drive.

Only disk image software can completely restore everything to a new computer or new drive in as little as 45 minutes or less.

Online Services

Monitoring Your Backups

Do you trust yourself to keep an eye on your backups every week, all year long? Relax. We check your cloud backups regularly to ensure that they are running.

Ultra-Strong Security

We offer technology secure enough to keep client information and other files absolutely confidential. You have the assurance that your files are protected by ultra-strong encryption and security measures.

Active Online Inc. specifically addresses the concerns and needs of small firms, attorneys and other professionals. We offer features and protections that are unavailable from other online services and backup services.

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